Shipping & Delivery

When will I receive my order?

What are the shipping duration times?

You have free shipping but it shows me that I have to pay. Why?

I've purchased an order a few days ago and it hasn't been shipped. Why?

How much are the shipping costs?

There was no tracking update for a month ago. Did my package get lost?

My tracking information says 'DELIVERED' but I didn't receive it!  

Why did I get more than one tracking number?

Cancellation & Return

I changed my mind. Can I cancel my order? 

Can I return an item for a full refund? 

Can I exchange an item for a larger or smaller size? 

Payment Methods

Using Paypal

Using your debit/credit card

Is my payment secure?

Other Questions

I don't know my size.

I have received import taxes!

Where are the products produced?