About Us

Cottagely is an online fashion boutique selling unique cottagecore inspired clothing. We are dedicated to creating a lifestyle for people who look forward to a mindful and slow living. All of our items are sourced from independent designers and small businesses. We, as a small business, are committed to build a sustainable and eco-friendly clothing brand. 

Our Values


Did you know that 70 million trees are cut each year to make clothes?

Because of the way fast fashion brands have gotten consumers used to small prices and new collections released every year, people buy more and use less. We as a small business say no to fast fashion and want to give something back to this planet. 

For every item purchased on Cottagely, we plant trees in collaboration with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted. Donations are returned to them at the end of each month. They decide, based on the funds raised and priorities, in which region of the world the trees will be planted.

Slow Fashion 

The big companies that produce on a production line have created a concept that has become a bad habit: ordering clothes, trying them on and returning them for any reason, thus greatly increasing the product's CO2 footprint. We know it's very convenient, but it's an environmental disaster. Indeed, this implies additional journeys. Please double-check your size using the guides available for each clothes. This way, polluting round trips of goods are limited to a minimum. If your order presents proven defects, the return is obviously possible. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will do our best to satisfy you.


Our products, of first quality and vintage design, have a longer life span than those found in the mass market. Our clothing items are reliably sourced and professionally handled to ensure that they are in perfect condition by the time they reach you. We seek to make maximum use of environmentally friendly materials in the manufacture of our products and  favour eco-responsible materials such as recycled or organic cotton.